my mom thinks everything is weird, so does this girl i work with

moonrise kingdom

weird thing is, though, my mom was in college in the 60s

she was like 16 years old in college during the Civil Rights Era

then she was in DC and other big cities when the hippies were running around

then she gave birth to yours truly mr xbi busblog.

youd think by now that if she saw a wes anderson movie she would have actually Experienced so called weirdness, that his film wouldnt seem weird to her.

but it does

because she is a georgia peach constantly expecting life to return to the Leave It To Beaver early 60s

well i aint returning to that snoozefest.

im stoked to be in Hollywood and driving through LA in the middle of the night receiving snapchats from strippers and death threats from evil doers.

you know what movie seemed weird to me this year: bad ones.

i think its weird that youd take millions of dollars from people and give us a film with no ending or a bad ending or worst of all a boring beginning middle and end

to me, thats weird, not bill murray being an awesome concierge or two little kids taking a walk in the woods.

anyways i love my mom and she loves you too. except for everyone who has fired me.