so busy ubering, made so little money, the days are numbered

usc vollyball

what i love about bukowski is he never whined. real men never do.

uber has a deal for drivers in LA. if you work and drive around and put up with traffic and hot babes whispering in your ear as youre trying to drive and drunk mexican uncles pointing in front of your eyes as youre trying to drive.

and cops and cabs and cyclists and fatigue

then for right now they’ll give you $20 an hour.

why? because they just lowered their rates Again, and since drivers take home 80% of the fare, when you lower the rates the company only loses 20% of that cut.

its cutthroat out there cuz ub just keeps cutting and cutting. today i drove for seven hours and made like $14 an hour and i had two long trips.

it was different driving with a guarantee, you didnt give a shit. want a short ride? fine. as long as i do at least one an hour i get my twenty bucks. want a long ride? who cares, even long rides will only bring in $20 which is the same as a short one so unless we’re going to mexico i’ll just sit here and steer.

drove four members of the usc womens volleyball team. tall and pretty and funny and nice.

drove three asian girls to an LMU frat party, which is basically a normal little house in the middle of a regular neighborhood becuase LMU doesnt have a frat row.

took that drunk uncle, his two hot nieces and one of their boyfriends from the LAX area to Lennox near where that M&Ms burned down.

man was he drunk. told me he has a 2001 vette that he got six people in. see thats how its done, if youre gonna lie to a man make it fun to think about.


“we had three in the drivers seat and three in the passengers seat,” uncle told me as the girls laughed in the back and apologized for him. i said no one gets to apologize in this car: your sins were forgiven by the lord on that cross. now is the time to spread love.

and with that uncle took some tequilla out of his paper bag.

i was all, im not going to tell you what to do, youre a grown man

and almost as handsome as me.


but i will tell you that if the police see you with that booze they will throw me in jail.

no they wont he said

i said hands up mike brown life isnt fair for if it was id be about a foot taller and be the clippers shooting forward.

on the way home ate kfc spicy crispy because we’re all gonna croak anyways.