the cats lay next to my bedroom door

bella and they push their paws under my door.

usually they’re playing with little cat toys, or bottlecaps, or tacks

and they’ll push it under the door to me and just lay there waiting for me to return it.

it’s a bizarre version of catch.

called CatCh.

pretty sure im selling my car in a week or two.

yesterday i went to Carmax and looked at a few Mercedes.

the 250 is cool looking but the backseat was pretty tight.

the 300 isnt that much more expensive but they only had it in gray and i wanted it in black.

cuz its beautiful.

absolutely no pressure. in fact the saleslady told me to call my Ford dealer and see if they could give me a better price for my Cmax.

my payment for the mercedes would be exactly the same as for my current car, and it has the same mileage (24k) – how is that possible?!?

but last night i sorta fell in love with the Audi 6. not only is it slicker looking, i think, but for $25 a month it could be its own personal hotspot.

yes, wifi in my ride.

what passenger wouldnt love that?

to me that would be worth the double price id be charging them to ride with me.

the 2012 Audi 6 is a little more than the 2013 mercedes 300 but it might be worth it.

only problem: carmax doesnt have any, and dealerships are $$$$