1. Friday, January 23, 2015

    time to catch up 

    baby plane

    one of the best benefits of working at the academy starts this week.

    for the next couple of weeks we screen every movie nominated for every category: twice.

    this allows for the voting members to see the films before they vote for them, or re-see them.

    im not a voting member but because i do get to go.

    here is my little schedule, some days are empty cuz ive seen the films:

    tonight: Capt. America: The Winter Soldire
    saturday: X-Men: Days of Future Past
    sunday: Foxcatcher
    monday: Beyond the lights
    tuesday: Nightcrawler
    weds: Glen Campbell… I’ll Be Me
    sat 1/31: American Sniper
    mon: Finding Vivian Maier
    tues: Still Alice
    weds: Last Days in Vietnam
    thrs: The Theory of Everything
    fri: Citizen Four
    sat 2/7: Begin Again
    sun: Live Action Shorts, Animation Shorts, The Box Trolls
    mon: Song of the Sea
    tues: Tangerines
    weds: Mr. Turner
    thurs Timbucktu, Ida