today i learned about thora birch

snow kidthora was that young actress who was in American Beauty (but not the one who got naked with the dad) and was also in Ghost World with Scarlet Johnansson.

Thora, and this is Oscar Trivia that you wont see on Trivial Pursuit, is the only actress to star in an Oscar-winning Best Picture film whose parents were xxx-rated stars.

yes, both of them.

in fact both of Thoras parents were not just porn stars but they both appeared in one of the most classic adult films ever: Deep Throat.

so thats the fun part the cute part the trivia part the part that is unique and weird and all omg

the sad part is about her dad.

Thoras dad, despite being a former porn star, gets super weird when dudes stepped to his little girl

even in movies!

which as we all know are just like the busblog: make believe.

thoras dad, allegedly, would blow his top when dudes would have love scenes with his angel and he would threaten them.

maybe it was like a vietnam flashback? maybe if it wasnt a movie he’d be all cool?

no, when thora was the ripe old age of 28 she was in a play


and mr birch threatened a young actor who was to get cozy with Thora and it basically got her fired from the production.

which only goes to show you: you can tune a piano but you cant have your dad manage you if he was a porn star who met your mom on the set of Deep Throat.

now take on the day