sorry i didnt blog yesterday i was sorta busy experiencing awesome


the scene was the famous Beverly Hilton, one of the classiest hotels in LA with tons of history and tragedy

if i was ever to be married in a Beverly Hills hotel, I would choose this one,

even though it’s where Whitney Houston died a few years ago.



the event was the Oscars Nomination Luncheon, where the nominees can chat with each other over a few drinks, some delicious food, minus the throngs of the press and cameras, which isnt to say there werent any press or cameras but just not throngs


Oprah is a nominee this year. She produced Selma, co-starring Common, and it’s up for Best Picture.

My mom woulda loved to have met her, but alas my mom was shoveling snow in Chicago.


Another person my mom woulda loved to have met was Clint Eastwood whose American Sniper is also up for Best Picture


Clint and Oprah and 150 other filmmakers gathered yesterday, in part, to pose for the annual class photo.

Academy Governor Ed Begley, Jr. calls out all the names of the noms and one by one they walk to the stage and stand next to their contemporaries as everyone applauds and cheers.

I just happened to have noticed that America’s Sweetheart Emma Stone was getting ancy that the stage was filling up quickly and they hadnt mentioned her name.

You could almost hear her think “was all of this an elaborate prank? Am I really not a nominee?”

And then almost at the bottom of the list, Ed finally called her name and she was relieved:


Pretty much my favorite moment of the day.

Afterwards I took a picture with Lauren who organized it all flawlessly

lauren selman and me

Coming up on Saturday: the Sci-Tech Awards