today it was almost too hot outside

tumblr_miw327dPSF1rionq1o1_500i walked to the drug store to make sure i had a lottery ticket.

as i walked i thought about all the things i would buy and who has been good to me and who would be annoying and how throwing money at those problems would help me move on to what i really wanted:

a malibu beach house and a submarine.

id wanna buy the apartment building ive been living in for the last 14 years and give my upstairs neighbor free rent and ask her to be the manager of the building.

id also give my other neighbor free rent because her voice soothes me for some reason. shes very feminine and positive.

got to the drug store and bought the cheapest turkey and cheese sandwich alive.

thought about getting some Blueberry juice for $4 but figured water would be just as good.

id open a record store and a roller rink.

id secretly make them both non profits and give the money to charity.

id start a record label and put out Tsar records, id open a soul food restaurant in beverly hills called Grady’s

it would also be a secret non profit.

id open a drive in somewhere. and a few arcades. you know, all the things bound to lose money but so what.

id have some money making schemes to keep my empire afloat: baseball cards of homeless people and porn stars.

bacon and egg brunch joints.

tv shows for brown people.

and of course a Church of Rock franchise.

when i got back to the office i was perspiring a little and took off my Cubs hat.

pretty much i just wanna buy a mansion for my momma and a plane for me so i could commute to wrigley to watch the cubs do the thing we’ve been waiting forever for them to do.

would pretty much need a chicago girlfriend somehow.

that would probably be harder than to win the lottery though seeing as im stuck here in LA sweating under palm trees in February.