went to carmax last night to buy a mercedes

tvCcTnvi dont really care for mercedeses but i want to drive for the higher class uber because basic uber is for basics

got there met a nice guy who’d been there five years (take a break already!) and together we stumbled into a row of Infinitis

theyre faster cooler and cheaper than mercedeses and i was sold on one that only had 9k miles.

when we start crunching the numbers we realize i owe more on my current car than its worth

because somehow, for some reason, my current ford hybrid has lost nearly half of its value in just over a year!

meaning i will have to finance about $5k of my current loan into my new loan

and, little did i know, but even ppl with good credit, like me, can expect to pay 6% interest on used cars.

meaning my car payment with the infiniti would be about $200 a month more than what i currently pay

and even though if everything goes right i would be making about $800 a month more driving in the luxury tier

it would suck to give back 1/4 of that just on a car payment.

especially because who knows how long i can make $800 more than i am currently making on uber

and who really wants a $620 car note?

so now im thinking about getting a cheaper car, which is ok, i dont care, i dont care about anything really

except who is gonna get me world series tickets in a year and a half.

at wrigley field.

but i do know this, friends.

i am gonna see AC/DC at the friendly confines this september.

hopefully with my mom and niece and nephew bc who knows how long theyve got to rock.