last night driving the lovebirds was lovely

kanye smiling bc he's happy

traffic was gnarly because of the record breaking warm weather. 82 degrees near the beach where i drove most of the day. and of course valentines day where everyone for some reason thinks it’s their duty to drive their loved one themselves to a far-away restaurant.

because of the traffic and the warm temps many drivers didnt drive leaving surge prices for most of the day and night. $11 rides were suddenly $28 (as they should be) and guess what: no passenger complained.

often drivers will say that they dont like to drive during surge hours because ticked off passengers take it out on them with low ratings.

this week i drove almost exclusively during surge times and i have a perfect score

so yes it can be done

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 1.07.03 PM

yesterday i learned a lot

high school sophomore girl told me that the kids dont hate iggy azelia because she basic, but because she has bad music. meanwhile shes living the dream: grammy nom, million seller, two huge songs (fancy, black widow), dating a laker, so props to her.

skinny cross fitter told me i shouldnt eat white things: rice, potatoes, wheat, sugar, salt. and something less impossible: start running, just a mile. do 5 pushups a day until you feel like doing 10. but just do that a few times a day. 10% he said is better than 0%. then he offered me some weed.

party people leaving the Bungalow told me going up California, albeit full of stop signs, is still faster than Wilshire with all its lights.

gay Aussie dude going to a lesbian wedding told me that in his country the Republicans are called Liberals and are just as determined to stick their dick into nature (for their god, money) as ours are. he said their prime minister recently approved the dredging around the Great Barrier Reef for a coal port. yes whatever you do, fuck with the largest living organism on the globe.

these sweet asian recent ucla grads told me that asians who get red quickly when they drink booze have a 60% higher chance of getting cancer than their brethren who dont get red quickly.

i started at 11am, ended at 9pm, took a few breaks in between and surpassed my goal while enjoying driving with the window down for most of the day.

had to turn on the AC a few times. in mid February, while most of the nation froze.

life is so not fair.