saw breakfast at tiffany’s last night for the first time

breakfast at tiffany's thoughts:

1. so wait, they were Both high class hookers?

2. because he looks like her brother that made her wanna jump in his bed (literally) the first night they meet?

3. that asian man was Mickey Rooney?

4. that was an amazing stunt cat!

5. people really used to dance at parties?

6. liquor delivery? incredible!

7. that sales clerk at Tiffany’s answered every question beautifully

8. if she’s a hooker, what exactly does she spend her money on? her place is barren!

9. in prisons you can just hang out with the bad guys? and bring any guest you want?

10. that cat really felt ok with going back with Audrey right after she abandoned him?

11. these are hookers who steal?

12. this is a romantic movie?

13. how many times are they gonna play that song? a million?

14. no burglars ever use the fire escape to break into apartments… in NEW YORK CITY?

15. why are we supposed to like Audrey Hepburn? cuz she looks good in a hat and weighs zero pounds?

16. whats so special about this guy other than his hair?

17. everyone wore suits back in the day, no matter where they went or what they were doing. so glad i didnt live back then.


19. wow, her apartment had super high ceilings.

20. they seriously let little girls watch this?