last night was fun, if you like that sort of thing

last ride in uberx

started at 8 because i went to the mercedes dealer to see if i could trade my ford in for one of their german luxury cars which would allow me to upgrade uber levels and charge double on every ride.

dude said yes but he wouldnt know for sure until tomorrow.

tipped the valet $3 and started ubering.

was worried about the new Uber Pool because i didnt know how it really worked but eventually learned that the app will tell you if theres another person for pickup ready (and where) and all of that, but strangely it never asks the passengers how many are in their party and the only pool i drove last night were three drunk guys from the midwest and then two confused asian guys who ended up canceling because hi, you cant fit 5 passengers into an uber.

did a lot of short rides but also had some long ones and surges. drove till 3am.

– drove some moms with seafood breath from delmonicas right next to the beach through west LA, listening to them talk about baseball practice and whose mom brings what treats and what a relief in one league no one brings any.

– took the manager of amoeba records from his home in a predominantly black neighborhood to a rock show in hollywood. was very impressed that he lived there bc i dont know of any white ppl living there. and its smart bc it’s a good 35% cheaper. we had a great chat about LP sales in places like amoeba. he says it’s a good chunk of their business.

– picked up four party girls from santa monica to a house party in west hollywood. couldnt be cuter. we mostly talked about chrissy tiegen.

– the midwestern boys were on vacation and were staying at the not horrible Dunes motel near the freeway. even though theyd been thrown into some seedy parts of hollywood and dtla they thought LA was beautiful.

– some drunk guys at 2am made me wait as they got street dogs near my favorite DTLA bar Down And Out. I told them if they spilled any food or puked that the ride was over. I was very clear. Two of the guys looked scary, but i was gonna trade in the Ford in mere hours. Before we drove 5 blocks the guy in the back passed his half eaten dog to the guy in the front and it spilled right next to me and I stopped the car and said get out. Cursing, threats ensued but fellas, lemme tell you about the xbi using sign language. as i was driving off they threw their remaining dogs at my car and i screeched to a stop. fortunately for all of us it was surging even higher and i got back in my car and later wiped the ketchup from my window.

– took the smartest cutest young lady originally from shanghai from a late night dance club to midwilshire and we talked about global economics and how chinese people dont trust chinese businesses selling them coffee or fried chicken and thus starbucks and kfc dominate. i said i smell a huge business opportunity and esped a wedding proposal to her and her fuzzy hat.