jack white wants eighty grand and fresh guacamole and i want you

jack white guacamole

she got in the car and there was an instant connection.

sometimes its like that.

sometimes theyre just ready for you and you’ve been waiting for them.

sometimes they call you by your first name right away and thats ok.

music is so important but only if no ones talking.

sometimes you can go a whole ride and never notice whats on because of the good talk

she smelled good, sounded good, looked good.

theres only one size of dress on the weekends: short as hell.

one size of shoe: tall

my car is clean, it smells good, theres a faint mood lighting tone in the interior

usually purple, but it can be changed to any color

she said im going to silver lake.

i said who isnt

and after a while, we were there.