1. Wednesday, February 18, 2015

    saw that new show The Slap last night 

    there is nothing

    didnt really care very much about any of the people

    and especially not the little kid who got slapped.

    and then he got slapped i was supposed to feel something?

    the recipe in telling a story is super dooper easy:

    introduce likable characters,

    screw them over royally,

    see if they can overcome it.

    if they can, great, if they cant


    the problem with the first episode is who cares about the overachieving yuppie guy

    or his brother with the awkward crush on the babysitter?

    the other problem is the bratty kid who got slapped is fake:

    he is always mean to everyone all the time

    unless he is being breastfed by his mom even though he’s like 8.

    the whole thing is in this alternate universe that we’re supposed to understand and relate to but sorry, these are tv figments

    they will go live in their own unwatched universe and something will happen that i will never know about and thats ok with me.

    fuckers even went so far as to pretend there are still

    actual, physical airline tickets any more.

    as if.