security guard asked me a question tonight

sweetnesswe had just witnessed the first portion of the red carpet get laid out on hollywood blvd.

it had been unseasonably warm all week but the little chill was returning

but only at night

which it was becoming.

through the day we had to do some fun, and weird assignments

“had to” is the wrong phrase, “get to” is better.

for some reason i enjoyed it all. had a great day.

im older than everyone in the world.

security guard guy said, when you were 22 did you think youd be doing this?

but he said it like sarcastically, like what we were doing was lame.

i thought working for the biggest tv show in the world?

the most prestigious arts company ever.

coolest award you could ever get.

and i was all, no, when i was 22 i thought at this age

id be selling out wearing a suit

driving a station wagon.