sodom and gomorrah wasnt about orgies or being gay

sodom and gommorah

it was about rape. the people wanted to rape angels.

Lot was all, hey bros, how about you have sex with my virgin daughters instead?

the daughters were probably all OMG DAD!

but it didnt matter because “all the men from every part of the city of Sodom—both young and old”

wanted to rape the visiting angels

who by the way were on a mission to see for themselves how fucked up Sodom was.

so the men said thanks but no thanks with your virgin daughters, Lot,

give us the angels.

how religious people, with straight faces, pretend that Las Vegas or San Francisco or any place that dares to celebrate fun is in any way related to this extremely violent story – is beyond me.

next time you hear it or see it call them out.

use this picture if you must.

you’re welcome.