when animals teach us why being human is great

lefty sharkthe shark during the katy perry super bowl halftime show immediately jumped into our hearts.

he was off beat, out of sync, didnt know the moves, but instantly endeared the entire globe and then internet

Left Shark reminded us that to err is not just human, but adorable when you clearly dont give a damn.

sadly we live in a Right Shark world: an idealized place where every move, though manufactured, is better because it is predictable. cooler because it is straight.

in Left Land whatevers a way of life.

practicing would kill the spontaneity, and Lord knows being dressed as a dancing shark isn’t interesting enough: now do it without knowing the routine.

that’s what separates us from apes.

blatant unpreparedness.

on tv.

dressed like a sea monster.

long live the left shark revolution!