watched the Longest Yard last night, but it got cut off at the very end

hugsso i laughed.

which scared the cats, which were laying on me.

the night before i watched this older Jared Leto movie “Mr. Nobody”, which was weird, but good.

this is my life without driving Uber.

not sure i like it. can’t wait to get back out there.

work has been busy, recapping what went down, setting up new things for the new year.

xbi has been annoying. new neighbors have been loud.

yesterday my buddy chris and i had a margarita at lunch. how did Don Draper do it?

i guess he napped a lot on his couch.

soon as i got home yesterday i took a nap bc of that silly margarita.

realized i have good cats. they dont wake me or try to sleep on my head.

when im asleep they sleep too. when im watching tv they sleep. when im reading they sleep.

only time they bother me is when im eating, which i do a lot more at home cuz i dont wanna do it in my car.

because my car is spotless.

and will soon be earning me some income.

so soon.

i wanna see Chappie in iMax friday and it better not suck.