saw Blade Runner for the first time today


Sean Young was terrific and reminded me of midwestern dream girl Lindsay

like Gene Siskel i thought the movie was sorta soulless and we end up not caring much for the characters except Young.

but i thought the sets were obviously amazing and i was impressed with how they transformed DTLA into the future


it’s interesting that Harrison Ford is still pretty much playing the same roles.


one of the main characters (the guy on the left) was one of my favorite characters on Newhart. “I’m Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl”.

which is ironic because as you can see here he shares many scenes in Blade Runner with Daryl Hannah, who was great, but no one ever talks about in this for some reason.

the early 80s were great for Young and Hannah: Young was in this, Stripes, and No Way Out. Hannah was in this, Splash, and Clan of the Cave Bear.

It’s interesting to see that Siskel and Ebert were split on this one way back in 1982, but both loved Diner (totally agree).