if i had kids, the biggest lesson id teach them is life isnt fair

springid tell them some people will be richer in finances than you could ever imagine

and some will be poorer in the pocketbook than you’d ever know.

some will be able to drink bottles and bottles of wine, and some, even if they had a little glass would freak out.

id tell them some will be able to hit a ball left handed and run superfast to first

and some will swing and miss every time and never get better.

id tell them that this isnt a terrible game The Good Lord plays on us,

instead it’s a wonderful game

to see what we are really made of.

in books, movies, and tv shows we see how things, stuff, possessions, and cash rarely make the rich happy for very long.

even the kardashians and kanye show us that no matter what they accumulate, they arent any more joyous and happy than Honey Boo Boo, whose parents broke up once they got rich and famous.

happiness is the goal.

love is the target.

and the secret ingredient through all of that is trust.

trust your bffs, trust the Lord, trust the process, trust nature, trust your heart.

and most importantly trust that the angels above knew what they were doing when

they sent theo epstein from boston to chicago for a bag of beans.

trust that he is building the team that will right all the wrongs cub fans have endured over the years

and once we win the world series, our hair will grow back

our cavities will be filled

and our hearts will be healed