bukowski never whined


he just kept doing his thing: working, drinking, writing, snoring.

they didnt have the saying “first world problems” back then, and even though for some of his life he was either being tormented and beaten by his father or struggling and running from landlords in skid row,

he probably would have said that any problem that he had was a first world problem.

he didnt have to worry about malaria or getting something to eat. he always had a bottle of wine, a hot bathtub, and a radio to listen to music by.

artmy biggest problem, the one i want to complain about, is the biggest first world problem i could ever imagine: uber hasn’t classified my mercedes into Uber Plus yet

it’s very frustrating, but i can still eat, i can still sext, i can still go to the farmers market and order a tri tip sandwich potato salad and collard greens.

the garbage men make a lot of noise but they take away the garbage.

i dont remember one whine from picasso or ernie banks or even noah and noah never even had an xbox.

imagine you live 500 years like noah did and you never got to play madden.

yes i want to drive again. soon. maybe tonight. yes i want to take rich ppl or business ppl or ppl who dont wanna sit in the back of a dirty prius. ppl who will pay 2.3x the typical rate.

and yes those ppl wanna ride with me, the greatest uber driver of all times. the one who knows all the streets and the stories behind the buildings and the tales of what used to be there and what is planned for there and there.

the one who will play sinatra on channel 71 or smooth jams on 3, who can talk to you about the back up back up point guard for the clippers, the coach’s son, or local state or federal politics.

or nothing at all.

some ppl just want the driver to chill till the next episode and close the sun roof and get their ass to their mistresses crib in the hills.

and hear nothing but the sounds of the rubber on the wet road and the shifting of gears.

and babies i want that too.