back in the saddle

rock doc

last night was fantastic. first night driving Uber Plus, and even though the Plus rides were great, i still have the option to also do UberX trips and my sole X ride was the best.

but first the plusses:

first plus was a teenage high school girl in Beverly Hills.

pick her up and shes going to Beverly Hills High. she’s doing a piano recital there.

i teller that shes my first Plus ever and she tells me to get ready because ALL the kids at her school love to order Plus

kirsten-dunst-candy-sweets-on-the-set-of-marie-antoinetteand then puke in the cars.

“they’re not uptight that i’m gonna charge them a $250 cleaning fee?” i ask her

“they’re rich, they dont care!” she reminds me.

when i drop her off she says, “say adios to your clean car!”

right away i get pinged for someone at the Century Plaza in Century City.

Obama is in town so theres cops everywhere because back in the day presidents stayed there because it has a helipad.

get the guy and he’s going to the airport.

we have a great ride. he asks me to stop at a gas station when i find one because he wants some chewing tobacco.

first gas station didnt have it, second one does, no prob. we hit a little obama traffic but not much, we’re have a great convo.

get to the airport in a half hour. my guess is the fare will be about $30. turns out it’s $50 and i call my mom because im so happy.

ma, Plus is gonna be it!

get a coke and my phone is blowing up from X passenger requests which i ignore because i want one more plus and i will call it a night.

instead i realize, dummy, if someone is trying to get you from one of the hotels near LAX they’re probably (wisely) trying to get from LAX to Hollywood, so i accept it because it’s better to have $20 in your pocket and be out of the deadspace that is LAX.

in come two lovely Aussies who yes took a shuttle from LAX to the nearest hotel and summoned me.

the woman is a nurse, the man is a doctor, but not just any old doc, a Rock Doctor. he helps singers and rock stars stay healthy while theyre on the road.

we hit it off, have the best convo about music and LA and he even tips me well and we exchange info for when he comes back to LA.

i drive around a bit more looking for plus rides but ive already hit my goal and it’s barely 10pm

so i call it a night because the weekend approaches and you wanna pace yourself so you dont die.