ali and i were talking about things we wanna do in our lives


she was so clear, so focused, it was beautiful.

me, im more abstract and boring.

i wanna help people.

more specifically i wanna help people achieve their dreams.


even more specifically i wanna help people while wearing a cubs hat and shorts.

sadly yesterday on the radio i was listening to this guy say that men dont get taken seriously when they wear shorts.

unless they won the lottery.

so my new goal is to help people while wearing shorts after winning the lottery.

however maybe a more realistic goal is to help people while being one of the few men who are respected for wearing shorts.


by the way, nobody likes my shorts.

i have several pairs of plaid shorts and two of the same pair of bathing trunks that have pockets

thus shorts.

the only people who like them are the good people of Las Vegas who dont care because i tip well.


drove a fashion designer around today who focuses on mens fashions.

i shoulda asked her if she would be interested in creating shorts for men which will DEMAND respect.

DEMAND SHORTS they could be called.

or RESPECT MY SHORTS could be stitched into the inseam or something.


deep down i just wanna be a televangelist on one of those Christian cable channels.

pretty sure St. Peter would love that and sneak me through the sneaky window

if the show was good.

had a bad night last night


screwed up and picked up a Plus customer after work on Pico. huge mistake that i wont make again.

he was a high roller lawyer who had me drive him through some of the dumbest traffic (dumb because if he had just told me where he wanted to go instead of keeping it a secret I would have taken a faster route) to go to a liquor store.

then he had me wait for him as he looked through every row. the booze he was looking for wasnt there. he wanted something specific and fancy.

he didnt talk to me. he talked to a wide assortment of people on the phone. from the conversation i gathered where he wanted me to take him. so i drove there.

$30 later he was gone but i was far from the fishing hole that i love at that hour so i slowly made my way there and when i did the fish were all gone.

except for two guys who wanted to go to the nearest hotel which was literally half a mile away. thankfully that was a Plus ride too which has a minimum fare of $10. youd think that dudes going that short of a ride would want a simple Uber X car, but no, they wanted style for their 3 minute ride and i gave it to them.

disappointed with life i went to the McDonalds drive-thru and called it a night. went to bed early which means i woke up early.

at 6:30am i was back on the road looking for someone who wanted to go to the airport.

instead i found a woman at the Chateau who wanted to go to DryBar and then i found a different woman who needed me to take she and her cute little son to his French school in West LA.

she was a beautiful scandinavian who then needed me to take her to her work. it was a high fare because it was surging like crazy but she didnt care, which was a delight.

the morning def made up for last night and best of all i was early for work so everyone was happy.