1. Monday, March 2, 2015

    because im a gazillion, ive bought several cars over the yrs 

    benza saturn right outta college

    then an explorer

    then a two seater quasi sports car that i gave to this poor black kid, which i just remembered

    d’monde was his name. that car smelled funny. not bad, but just funny. so fast.

    then i rode the bus for years and years.

    i dated some of the prettiest girls during that time, and started this very blog.

    for some reason waited until i was canned till i bought a nissan from yr pal ken, a sentra,

    and then gave that to americas sweetheart, danielle, down in san dieger because she was broke and i wasnt

    bought a brand new tits out camaro ss fully loaded because mid life not-so-crisis.

    traded that in for the uber mobile ford

    and then yesterday traded that for some german engineering, also for uber

    but as far as the xbi thinks, for them.

    they love benzes in hollywood because they blend in.

    theyre begging me not to transfer the vanity plates but i dont work for them no matter what they say.

    they’re promising me so much money if i just end the joke of an undercover agent telegraphing to the world that we’re right there.

    it would be like if an unmarked cop car had a license plate that said police on it.

    but crooks are dumb, as has been proven zillions of times, and half of them dont even know who the xbi is

    any more.

    which is another thing the xbi loves.

    and even though this ride is a step back technologically, navigationally, gas mileagely, and back seat actioney,

    it is nice to be lower to the ground and hear a damn engine again.

    desperately need the rear view camera fixed though because i got spoiled actually knowing how close i am to the car behind me is when im parallel parking.