Blogger Twitter Timehop Jason Joins Obama’s White House

goldmana long time ago the busblog was just a humble little tadpole in the giant pond of

and for some reason several young men and women took mercy on me as i tried to make this thing cool.

there were like a half dozen jasons, an ev, a biz, a case, a kimmy, they were all so sweet to me, always there for me when this blog broke down or i wanted to try something new.

one day jason goldman and jason sutter invited me to visit them at Google one day and when i took them up on their offer they gave me a tour, fed me, and goldman opened up the Blogger Closet and stoked me with a hoodie, a shirt and several other things that i still have.

it was awesome.

but today something even more awesome happened: goldman became the president of the united states.

of america.

check that: vice president.

correction: super vice president of rock.

no wait, he is now the White House’s First Chief Digital Officer

While several of Obama’s former top aides have left Washington for Silicon Valley, Goldman is moving the other direction, taking over the new media and digital outreach that had evolved into one of Pfeiffer’s main projects by the time he left earlier this month. Goldman’s résumé includes Google, Medium, and Twitter, where he worked directly with co-founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone, serving as the first “head of product,” supervising managers, designers, an experts in user research and corporate marketing to develop effective outreach strategies.

Goldman, who worked on a two-week engagement project for the White House last month, will report directly to chief of staff Denis McDonough.

“Goldman brings new energy and coveted expertise as someone who’s helped shape the digital age,” Obama said.

i keep trying to tell everyone: Blogger is a magical thing that helps people in powerful ways.

it is so nice that those who helped people are continuing to realize great success. Rock on Jason!