congratulations mom!

me and momeven though she’s technically retired, my mom volunteers at her favorite department store: Nordstrom

she takes the train into the city a few times a week and shines that sparkling smile and im all ma, youre retired, why you gotta work?

she says it keeps her young and vibrant, and she likes the deep discounts she gets.

so does my sweater drawer closet.

anyway, like any normal person at any normal retail outlet, she meets her fair share of negative situations and complains about them

to which i usually say quit quit quit!

today she rang me and asked if i was busy.

that usually frightens me because i expect the worst: the dog died, the boy has stopped hitting left handed, the cubs are putting up a giant video scoreboard

when she finally got to her purpose of calling she said

tony, i am the employee of the year.

i was all OF COURSE!!

she laughed.

i laughed.

obama and the NSA laughed.

im so proud of her. shes the best. always has been and they know how lucky they are that she works there.

and i know how lucky i am that shes my mom.

congrats ma!