1. Monday, March 23, 2015

    do i miss her? duh 

    amber entering my car

    i miss em all.

    weirdly im still a sensitive poet though and when things dont work out i need a decade or two to heal.

    who knows why. maybe it’s something the xbi did to me so i could get back into chopper one and focus on work.

    i did the same thing with jeanine, the truest, ashley, all of em.

    they say theres two things plants need: sun and water.

    if you give them too much of one or the other then they’ll die.

    and if they dont get enough of one or the other they may die but they’ll probably hang in there until they get one or the other.

    the thing about life is you can say, “oh just give them the perfect amount every week” but life doesnt work like that. stuff happens.

    sometimes there aint no water. other times there aint no sun.

    and sometimes no matter what you do that plant just will not bloom.

    then when you arent looking not only does it bloom but it turns out it was a secret avocado tree and now you got so many avocados you dont even know what to do.

    so you gotta chill. no freaking out. no jumping off cliffs.

    miss the girls and all the nice things they brought,

    focus on giving back to the world and before you know it:

    guacamole for days.