1. Friday, March 20, 2015

    people come to LA because of the weather 

    from above

    or lack thereof

    i am one of those people.

    it baffles me how few people follow in our footsteps, but when i see how cheap homes cost elsewhere it makes more sense.

    im about halfway through my life expectancy and it looks like i will never have the barbie dream home my sister has had.

    but i also dont have the headaches she has, nor have i needed to marry a big handsome white guy to make it happen.

    still, housing is so cheap where i grew up she could probably have had a decent home without getting hitched.

    regardless, im satisfied with my 1BD apt and the more than awesomely great weather.

    would i like a fridge in the garage? sure. could i get that eventually? probs.

    could i get married to a wealthy woman and “have it all”?

    i can do anything, but i dont want to do it that way: i want things to be natural.

    you know, like hail the size of softballs pouncing on nice people at the beach.