they’re opening up another Kanpai

smokerthis one is gonna be about 2 miles away from the other one.

which is good because if they opened up one near my house id need a third job.

pretty girls call me to see whats up but i dont call em back.

somewhere my mojo disappeared and i am uncertain as to how i get it back. the fellas at the xbi say drinking but come on.

drinking is played out. plus i like waking up without the world pounding in my ears.

drove a gorgeous girl up from beverly hills to baldwin hills last night. at first she didnt wanna talk so i respected that

but then i got tired of not talking so i asked her where she was from and she said DC and i said i was born there and she started talking and talking and talking.

then she said shes deciding between colleges: san diego state or uc santa barbara.

i asked her, have you ever kissed a guy who had just smoked a whole cigarette?

she laughed and said omg my ex bf in dc.

i said san diego is like kissing a whole football team of guys who just smoked a carton of cigarettes.

she said whats santa barbara like?

i said it’s your first kiss that you’ll never forget.

and when we finally got to her house i said, see you on DP on halloween!

and she said, you just may,