this weekend i did something i havent done in a long long time

uber hq


usually, as you know, i work my real job M-F and then friday nights and saturday i uber.

despite pleading with uber on thursday and then again on friday to approve my new vehicle they are the slowest machine in the world when it comes to matters that would be beneficial to drivers so they wrote me back late friday saying theyve received all my docs but hang in there it is “pending”, which isnt what you want to hear.

you want to hear, “thank you for upgrading to a luxury car FOR US, now go out and make some damn money.”

to add insult to injury they texted all of us on friday telling us that if we went to the westwood office on saturday we would get a free tshirt if we listened to their spiel about UberPool, which sadly is Not a 24-hour spa where Uber drivers can shit shower shave and soak in a pool/hottub while taking a break from driving.


because im not used to sitting on my hands on the weekend, i drove over to their HQ (which just happens to be in the building PeopleSupport used to occupy back in the day, which we called Westwood 2.) in hopes that someone there would be able to switch the button which would let me drive.

instead they claimed all they could do was talk to me about Uber Pool and give me a tshirt.

i passed. pissed. drove back home. involved myself in two fantasy baseball drafts and then watched movies and tv shows and read the bible. and took a walk around los feliz because it’s super warm.

i must say i do feel very rested and ready to take on this week, but i made no extra cash and i feel like i wasted my life.

say la vee.

hopefully uber lets me drive soon.