today xTx came out with another book

xtxher last book was the best book i read that year

so im sure this book will be the best book i read this year, which is why i bought it

and why you should too.

xTx is like quentin tarantino of writing stuff down, it’s at times brutal, and often beautiful.

there are very few people who i think, i might never write as good as them,

xTx is at the top of that list, and i heart her for that because i know she must practice a lot.

she inspires me to keep blogging and maybe one day write another book, not so that i can compete with her but so i can break out of whatever shell the devil has convinced me to walk into.

the good Lord wants us to write. that was the message ive gotten from xTx’s stories. He wants us to write because when we do we show the world that even though we look like the typical next door neighbor, we are filled with amazing insights and fascinating lies.

we remind the world that the world is more than the world. it’s four dimentional

the fourth wall being a waterbed

and it’s heated.

xTx reminds us that the days are going to pass anyhow, may as well be working on something, particularly something interesting and powerful. i ordered her book this afternoon and it was the easiest purchase i made next to buying kitty litter: it’s an of course.

very few things in life are like that that doesnt involve poop.