was very nervous to go to the tax man

Jose the tax man

i did nearly 1,000 rides last year. I saved a little money to pay taxes this year, but it didn’t feel like I had saved enough.

I walked into my neighborhood H&R Block office in Los Feliz next to the American Apparel and saw a huge cardboard cutout of my man Jose… or so I thought. I didn’t want to be racist and assume that all husky Latino men look the same, so I blew it off.

We did my taxes: stocks, real job, some freelance work i did at the beginning of the year, and then my Uber.

Jose was amazing, deducting this, asking about that, doing all the things he do.

turned out i made a profit of two grand buying and selling stocks last year (true).

turned out Uber swears I made $19k last year (so not true).

Jose and I figured out how to tell the actual truth on the taxes and still not have to write a fat check.

when it was over i shook his hand vigorously and took a picture with him next to his cardboard.

turned out it WAS him and he is the face of H&R Block en Espanol