she said i feel like the desert just sucked all the bad LA

11139803_10153192772353057_1894841989_nout of me

and turned it into windy sand.

wide parking spaces, pigeons, and artificial grass.

they got charlie parker is playing over the PA trying to be classy

but it’s too loud, too forced.

we get it.


theres very little to find bad about kids laughing splashing in the pool

they do this concert this time of year because it’s not yet super hot

but its nice enough to take your shirt off.

this place is like going to your grandmas house.

everything is just so.

nothings just so in hollywood

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 7.05.15 PM

im feeling terrific. the music sounds good.

days off.

and i get to drive.

my wrists hurt, i smell like icy hot. i bought giant bananas


and the struggle will be between having time to chill

and grinding.

the rates are higher out here and the blocks are longer.

theres a kfc within walking distance of this poolside recliner.

im so glad im here.

im so lucky.