the cubs are in first place for the first time since 2009

first place

sure the season just started but who cares, it’s the season.

but more importantly it blows away all the critics whines about the team not putting phenom kris bryant on the opening day roster.

the 20 yr old third baseman crushed 45 homers last year in the minors and blasted nine in spring training. of course he should be playing in the big leagues, but because of the rules of baseball, the kris bryantCubs will gain an extra year of “control” over bryant if they simply wait till the end of the month to call him up.

so of course they sent him to Iowa after breaking camp. do you just give away millions of dollars?

whiners like curt schilling were all, but what if the cubs miss the playoffs by a game or two and bryant could have been the difference in those early april games?

well guess what, the cubs are in first place

the plan is working.

bryant will be called up when he’s supposed to and the cubs will still probably miss the playoffs.

they are the cubs.

this is not the year.

next year, we’ve been telling you forever, is.