took a train yesterday to ucsb to say hey to the daily nexus


in the middle of the greatest school in the world is the greatest college paper in the world

and yesterday i was invited to speak to them after their first year being primarily digital

i took the train because the thesis of the hour was do shit differently

and id never taken the train to ucsb before


when it was all over, they cracked up a special bottle of scotch, we drank for a little while

and then i was sped off to the train station by the beautiful outgoing EIC and her personal driver


then i took the train home as the sun set over the pacific

and i wondered if i hit all the themes i wanted to hit


i told them to work twice as hard as they did last year for the next four years.

i told them the truth, which is, most of the people they are peers with are easily beat if they did one thing:

produce twice as much stuff, master social media, and if you can’t do that: just use social media, omg.

somehow the details as to how i got fired and banned from the daily nexus were divulged

which provided some nice comic relief

but the main point i had was just work your ass off for the years youre in college

and the first couple years out of college and you’ll be shot out of a cannon.

i think that sunk in.


it was very nice to be in that magical office again


and strangely, super nice to hang out downtown santa barbara for an hour.

might have to do it again sometime.