my nose is sniffling from the dust


but my soul is clear. there was a boat in the desert.


spent a lot of time in the craft beer tent because it was shady and had craft beer

they had these double the power beers that had twice the alcohol

but they only gave them to you in little cups.

for the low price of $11.

so i stuck to the regular sized cups.


my man paul, the secret weapon of the LA Times recently quit the paper for a start up.

we ran into him at the grocery store on Thursday, turns out he’s renting a house near us

so we said meet us at the craft beer tent at 4:20 and there he was with his bro and his friend.

his bro wins for that beebs shirt


behind the craft beer tent is this run down bar. my guess is the polo club uses it but they pull up the carpet when they know we’re arriving. or maybe they never use it. seems run down, but homey.

decided this should be a pop-up Denny’s next year.

breakfast served all day


the best of the night was Jack White who shredded and stopped and preached and made everyone turn to their neighbor and say peace be with you.

this was katie after it was all over.


best invention: the phone chargers all over coachella


last night we met some cool people from the LA Weekly, one of whom i’d met before, the famous hip hop writer Jeff Weiss.

after i introduced myself  he was all, of course, tony pierce, i know you, ive read the busblog.

made my night


last night’s ac/dc was super good. they played all their hits and a few new ones, never once acknowledging us. playing at us, basically.

i was super curious what the kids who had never seen them thought, but watching their smiles as we went home told me my answer.

as Jack White said last night, music is sacred

it has been a joy to share that bounty with these kids in this magical desert.