call me old fashioned but i think riots are good for society

11188345_10153243549973057_4972412283027859793_nright now baltimore is burning. people are looting. the mayor and the governor are pissed at CNN. people are stealing shoes and diapers and tp for their bungholes.

bloods and crips are working together. people are setting fire to the soulless drug stores and then people are slitting the fire hoses with knives.

this is exactly what should happen when too many black men get killed by too many white cops

who, in this case, took a black dude, and threw him in the back of a police vehicle

and gave him a “rough ride” where he was driven around without a seatbelt

and died from the injuries.

believe me when i tell you that i approve of any riot that you hold in my name if cops murder me.

burn it all down. steal all the things. slash all the hoses.

at some point the powers that be figure it out and things change.

i type this because i saw it first hand in the 90s. the first viral video of my generation was rodney king getting beaten up by several cops.

as soon as it was released to KTLA we all assumed the cops would go to jail. but when they werent, LA rioted for 40 days and 40 nights (give or take).

and guess what, you dont hear about cops doing that much more here in LA. you see it from time to time but because no one wants riots, that ish gets stifled quick.

“see you at the riots” is my favorite thing to whisper to a liquor store owner who gives me attitude nowadays and trust me it puts them in their place.

everyone needs checks and balances and when things get unbalanced an angry mob usually wins.

so yes im glad that baltimore is standing up to the bs

and im also super glad that out of the haze little angels appear, like this little boy.

and i hope he charged that dude $2.

just like how they charged us all at Coachella