coachella is exhausting expensive eclectic electric

coachella 2015

psychedelic nauseating uncomfortable unreal unnatural and absolutely beautiful

you’ll see bands you’ve never seen before and’ll never see again even though you loved them

you’ll pay $11 for a beer and tip $3 because the computer screen suggested it.

it’ll be so warm you wont even need a flannel at 2am on your walk back to the traffic jam.

but you will hit some out of the blue moments of clarity.

inspirational insights.

music should always be playing and at a festival it is.

except when you need it most: on the long walk back to your ride.

coachella should invite all of the best buskers to line the paths and sing songs to the kids

songs of freedom.


the kittens play it tough during the week and keep their distance for the most part

but if i leave for a few days they get super affectionate and downright clingy on my arrival.



i dont like drake but i did watch his performance at coachella

it was inspiring because i saw my own failures in his and it was painful

but it will help me be better at stuff which is good.

one thing i learned was dress up when people pay you a wheelbarrow of money

the other was always have a live band back you up when you can

and the most important thing that jack white had that drake didnt was

give the drummer some.

this is hip hop, a descendant of r&b, which gave birth to rock.

it is american music rooted in african american beats.

the drums are everything.

grateful dead was the whitest band ever and even they had two drummers

drake is just not that interesting alone on a giant stage in the middle of the night


get your crew on that stage too

and let them shine.