if you get a chance to soak in the winds of coachella


and top it off with a whirlpool of healing hot waters

i recommend it.

11139764_10153193402563057_236511085_nim in a town in desert springs halfway between the soulfulness of joshua tree and the inevitable peacefulness of palm springs

its the west part of the coachella valley and a good half hour away from the campgrounds of the music fest

tonight i will be closer to the action.

but last night i was in it.

what there was.

two people told me the Culture Collide party was an empty room with people in it.

they left before the band dressed like Chewbacca was about to rock

these two ladies Periscoped in the back of my car.

first time thats ever happened.

they had lots of people watching and they’d say “helllo instabul!” “hi san paulo!”

they even let me give a little shout out to the world when we arrived at the ace,

their destination.

i think Tumblr had a party there or something.

were there dbags? oh yeah.

you forget how many people live in san diego.

but there were also grateful and weary travelers.


got to bed at 4am, my work alarm woke me up at 7am, threw the phone all the way to LA

got back to sleep, woke up three hours later and called the front desk

whens checkout time?



sat in the mineral water hot tub and was struck by the spirit

so i said a little prayer.