im the most boring man in america

bruce jenner wheatiesi wont be married three times. i wont win a decathalon. i wont raise the kardashian sisters

and then kendall and kylie.

and i dont run around in the shadows wearing womens clothes.

my needs and desires are simple. i am simple. bruce jenner is 65 and looks better than i do and is more punk rock than i’ll ever be.

last night i ubered a little after work and as i was on my way to venice ali called me to see if i would uber her from venice to dtla

for she was going to take in The Game at club nokia.

got over there and she and her bff claire were prepartying and i hadnt seen claire in a while and when she asked me what i had been doing lately i drew a blank.

had i been doing anything lately?

then she told me how she just got back from belize or cabo or somewhere with pyramids which she climbed. and i aint climbed no pyramids.

i was so tired that after i dropped them off i went home and curled up with a good book.

today i didnt go out neither. now im watching madonna’s mdna concert on epix

because the one thing i did do was i switched from Uverse to Time Warner Cable

bc i can get 300 mb of internet and the dodgers for $90 a month.