1. Friday, April 3, 2015

    today is good friday 

    planets aligned

    this is the day Jesus died on the cross, the planets aligned, the earth quaked

    and then the Son of God ascended into Heaven.

    they say on the third day he rose again, but Sunday is really just two days after Friday so who knows what really happened.

    all I know is Jesus didn’t like dying on the cross, he thought God abandoned him there,

    Romans poked him with sticks and made him drink vinegar from dirty rags

    it was a mess.

    and he did it all for you, me, and everyone.

    for all of our sins. even the horrible ones. the ones we dont even blog about on the nothing in here is true.

    why? why did he do that. he did it because he wants us to move on.

    he knew, even back then, that guilt and misery in the mind and heart, affects the soul.

    and he needs us to have clear consciences so we can climb the next mountain.

    because that is where the good stuff is.

    not the potholes of our youth where we might obsess.

    the past is the past is the past and Jesus paid for those sins. move forward. that is what Good Friday and Easter are about.

    the holiest days in the Christian calendar.

    renewal, rebirth, recharge

    and rock.