had a really good weekend until sunday night

rihannaif youve noticed i havent talked about the xbi in a while. everything happens for reasons. for some people attention is good, for some not so good.

believe it or not i dont like attention. i know that sounds weird coming from a guy who has a long running blog, drives a fake taxi several nights a week and is all over social media (and occasionally regular media). but people are complicated. as is the xbi.

they want to be feared but not known. they want to be obeyed but attract and recruit rebels. they want to brainwash and poison ppl but get pissed off when their agents learn how to fight the power using skills they were taught… by the agency.

the mayweather pacquiao fight was big business for uber and uber drivers. everyone wanted to go to their friends’ houses to see the Fight of the Century and they all knew they were gonna drive. meanwhile lots of Uber drivers turned off their phones because They Too wanted to see the battle.

thus for hours and hours it was surging between 2 and 5 times the normal rates. meaning i was busy busy busy.

but i also wanted to go home in time to see the end of the clippers game 7 vs the spurs.

i was torn: make that money, or see the game. at 3.5x the rate i hoped that the guy i was picking up near the Grove wanted to go to Hollywood near my house, but alas it turned out to be one of the longest of the day: Encino, man.

he knew he was gonna be paying a lot but he said, “you know whats cheap? not getting a DUI”. made $65 off the 45 minute ride and shut off my deal so i could take the 101 home.

when i got there i watched the last, victorious quarter, and then tried to order the fight on my new Time Warner cable. no such luck. for some reason the cable giant had not predicted that sooooo many ppl were gonna order the fight at the last minute.


fortunately i had done some due diligence the night before and learned that this weird sports bar / strip club in the arts district of DTLA was showing the fight. $30 to stand, $60 to sit, or $100 for your own table. i took an uber so i could drink, paid my money and boom i was standing in front of two big tvs watching the fight.

it was very fun. id say most of the place was filled with young latinos a few blacks and maybe 2 white boys. at first they were team mayweather but they cheered any action. the strippers werent stripping, they were watching too.

fun night. i got one lap dance out of curiosity but maybe im getting too old for that nonsense. paying to have a girl sit on my lap and whisper dirty things she wants to do to me? just ask ppl, bros. they’ll do it.

the drink was weak so i ubered home, ate a sandwich and ubered for the rest of the night. surpassed my goal by 1am because it was so busy.

yesterday i woke up with the worst heartburn so i called in sick and went back to sleep.

woke up and did my laundry even though i didnt feel 100%. then i dropped off my car at the dealer because its having issues. then i went to the barber and got the cleanest closest shave of my beard and my head. i felt like a new man.

i may have to do that shave business once a month because i still feel great bc of it.