its cold and rainy and depressing in LA right now

mad catterbut you know what cheered me up really nicely last night?

a lovely phone call from your bff jeanine marie bon natale.

her transformation from drunky drunky hard to even talk with alkie

to super clear super focused sweet as can be straight edge angel is a joy to behold.

proof that your life can turn around in a split second once you truly decide that you are not who you are pretending to be

once you choose Good over dumb

once you say i deserve the best.

it’s incredible how quickly it all changed and how real it is.

like i’d bet on it.

id bet that not only will she never drink again but she wont even consider it.

it’s a miracle in the making, this little girl who could drink a bottle of whatever in a matter of hours has now totally turned her back on it all

not because she has to or because someone told her to

but because she sees absolute no value in being at the bottom of a bottle.

it’s adorable and wonderful and gives you hope that not only is there God

but he loves us.