maybe blogging isnt for anyone

zuliekai used to think that blogging was for everyone. everybody has dreams and ideas and interesting lives.

after a while i thought, well thats all true, but not everyone is interested in telling the world about their lives. and dreams and insights and fears and concerts they went to and what its like to be a mom or a dad or an xbi agent

or a former xbi agent.

but as time goes on we all realize, we being bloggers of course, we begin to see that blogging isnt a sprint or a marathon, it’s a life sentence.

marathons end after a few hours. but blogging never ends. you just keep typing keep writing keep telling the world veiled little wisps of secrets.

and when youre a pillar of your community or when you have a good job that you wanna keep, the best bet is to keep your fool mouth shut.

especially if youre zulieka, the sexiest blogger there ever was.

she came into our lives mostly naked both physically and romantically. she even had a nude blog header of her shapely back and backside right there on the top of her site.

and then what she wrote was equally revealing. and sensual and delightful. everyone wished they could write like her. myself included. top of the list.

today i was notified by mr. 5chw4r7z that zulieka had let her domain expire. which doesnt mean the end. but it’s a good start to the end.

blogging isnt easy. even for me. maybe its easy for raymi, maybe thats it. welch. xTx. maybe thats it. hell matt at metafilter even threw in the towel this year and he wasnt even blogging, per se over there.

it can be a grind if youre doing it right. it can be scary. you have to use your inside voice more than you’d like to, which is why i have recommended secret blogs for so long.


and that is the sloppy french kiss of death.

so rest in peace zulieka dot com

for so many years my favorite among favorites.