have i mentioned im a huge whiner

doingi turn on the plus and drive down sunset blvd. its crowded because of memorial day weekend and i dont expect any dings for a mercedes at 6:30pm in hollywood and i dont get any. didnt get any in beverly hills either so i kept moving west. circled around the village a few times and nothing.

then i get one from up near the freshman dorms at ucla.

way up there.

an asian guy and girl get in and i start the trip to see where we’re going and it says san gabriel, which is farrrr. i guess it will probably be $90.

they speak chinese to each other, him way more than her. and every now and then he’ll lean over and kiss her.

and then he goes off again. she listens.

on plus rides i have jazz going on. it seems classy enough for the more than double fare theyre paying. and it is a benz, so go with it.

and bonus: everyone loves it.

sometimes the old people sing along.

these two ignored it the whole time which was fine because some of it consisted of a 20 minute buddy rich solo.

san gabriel is east on the 10, east of east LA, keep going then get off on san gabriel blvd and head north for a few miles.

drop them off at a hot pot that doesnt look all that different than hot pots in ktown

but bro just spent $90 to get there and even if he takes uberx back, it’ll cost another $30-50 to get back.

something told me it was worth it.

it got my night going and it was a good night after all.

got home by 12:30 like a reasonable person. warmed up some boneless wings.

called it a night.