throwback thursday morning

6850 DPshe wasnt the prettiest girl but i wasnt neither.

she climbed over the sweaters and remote controls and made her way above my face.

what time is it, i asked, she said who cares. so i clapped my hands twice and the christmas lights added some color to the formerly pitch black room.

she asked did you like? i said, whats not to like?

she said did you love?

which is a strong word even for someone like me who throws around other four-letter words like it aint no thing

because in the grande scheme of things, tis no thing but an onion ring.

so i said oui.

she wasnt buying it.

when was the last time you really really really loved something? she whispered into my ear while manipulating my moneymaker beneath the duvet.

i thought and i thought and i had to go back in time.

but was that love love, i questioned? was it lust? was i beyonce in love? was it all a cabaret old chum?

i said i loved seeing ac/dc in coachella while wearing an ac/dc shirt and shorts and singing a long.

she said you shouldnt have to spend that much time remembering the last time you loved something.

every week you should have many things on that list.

you deserve it.

and i said i do?

and she looked me right in the eyes and said

i do.