last night i unplugged, i put the phone in the living room of the guest house

mexican kissesi just let the kittens run around my room,

i unplugged the laptop and just watched tv.

i could hear the phone ring in the distance, but i was all, tonight you unplugg

for once in your life, just watch the movie.

so i did and it was nice and afterwards i wrote a blog post.

then i got up to make myself a sandwich and i passed my phone and i saw two texts

one was from jeanine, which was sweet, she does want my brian wilson tickets which im more than happy to give to her because she loves loves loves his music and him.

and the other was from ali, who was all, theres cool people over at this party who would be happy to see you

and it was two hours ago.

so i wrote back, it was midnight, was it still happening?

she said yeah get over here. so i ubered over. and she was right, i loved all the people

and weirdly enough they loved me right back.

two of them said that the first time they ever wrote for someone was for me at LAist

and now theyre kicking booty as pros.

i barely tasted the whiskey i was so happy inside.

we talked and talked and talked about britney spears.

we all had many sweet things to say about her. and vegas.

someone had made homemeade chocolate chip cookies.

when it was done katie said to everyone,

text me when you kids get home, now.

this is my txt.