am i sad that the president wears moms jeans and is a sox fan?


when i was young the xbi taught me how to meditate while i played a ghetto version of Tetris

i think it was called Bloxx. doesnt matter, it helped me work with patterns and lack of uniformity

which helped me identify things from the skies in chopper one.

but it also settled my mind because all of these good and bad thoughts would float up to my conscious.

it’s one reason i dont like shooting video games: i cant learn when i play.

anyways the other day i was playing a different video game, a new one that one of my fellow ex-xbi colleagues made.

he asked me to try it out and i did and it was fantastic.

as i was playing all of these thoughts flooded my mind:

what are you doing with your life? where are you going? what are you wearing?

who do you think you are? why arent you in the agency any more? why dont you quit blogging?

why havent you tried screenwriting? why havent you moved? when are you going to clean up?

why are you driving that car? what about your hands? what about your health? what about yr hair?

which was all understandable because it was just the drill digging deep past the bilge into

the hard material that keeps us down.

and then this one bubbled up: are you sad the president is a sox fan that wears mom jeans.

and i laughed and i died in the game cuz i couldnt stop laughing.