even though im a devout Christian, i also tend to be a tad superstitious

adam and evemostly because i think the Lord has better things to do than answer my prayers about playoff basketball.

so i decided to drive around ubering in the rain last night so i could listen to the Clips game on the AM radio.

in the grand scheme of things, im sure the Almighty cares very much about sports, and is thrilled that the cathedrals of yore have been replaced by sports palaces in cities around the world. but still does he really want me saying

thanks for letting the Cubs stay above .500, but could you make sure Lob City knocks out the Rockets tonight?

mortal, please.

one of my favorite spots has been blown up, the CAA building in Century City, theres uber plus dudes all over that place where there used to be just lil ol me. so you have to adapt.

so lately ive been chilling in westwood near the condos hoping some of the richies want a ride to the airport.

last night i ended up with a very jewish young lady with her traditional garb on who was visiting her mother in the UCLA hospital.

as we were driving i asked her if she had lived in westwood her whole life. she said yes, that her dad was a rabbi at the big temple.

she added that she was also married to a rabbi.

so as we passed P’tit Soleil, the best place to eat poutine in LA, i asked her if it was cool for conservative jews to eat poutine.

she asked what was in it? i said, french fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

she said well we’re not supposed to mix meats with dairy and the gravy would violate that rule.

as we kept talking about the Torah she told me that the forbidden fruit actually has a backstory. in the notes of that tale was some detail that Adam and Eve would have been allowed to eat it if they had waited an hour, but they were instructed not to eat it on the Sabbath.

because the snake tempted them, they ate it too early and thus they were shunned from the Garden.

it was raining cats and dogs as we drove down Westwood Blvd.

i could talk about the bible with people all day, so i loved it.