i once had a boss who told me i was not meant to be a manager

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she said i was more of an Individual Contributor.

i took great offense at that because i felt that i had been a good manager in the past and inside i have always felt like a leader.

but i would need a team around me that understood it would be a funky ride not like all the others.

since then ive seen my fair share of both good and bad managers and i can understand better now what she was talking about

but i still disagree with her. and it was funny that a number of years ago she called me up asking me if i was willing to relocate to be a manger up in frisco.

first off, f frisco, and secondly even though i totally respect her and loved her as a boss, how could i work for someone who didnt fully believe in me?

but as always it comes back to the Good Book, and in it no one truly believes in either the Father or the Son or most of the kings or other leader/managers.

pretty much the only ppl the ppl in the Good Book believe in are the graven images that they built themselves. you know, the golden calves and other weird idols that they created when shit was getting crazy.

thus: dont get distracted if your posse isnt fully behind you because guess what, they aint never gonna be fully into you.

peter the rock dissed jesus thrice before the damn cock crowed.

but still i wasnt moving to frisco unless i got paid more money than any damn show dog could jump over.