its becoming harder and harder to uber

rolling stones set list

it’s their company so they can do what they want, but it’s weird to work for someone who

straight up spends whatever time and money that they have to squeeze you

and take as much as they can from you

all while literally building robots to replace you so they can have All the money.

i know this wont end well, which is sad because it started so nicely:

they made billions, drivers made so much they upgraded their cars

but now the demand for the higher priced rides are low

and for some reason the company has flooded the market with drivers.

i always knew the bottom would fall out but i never thought it would happen so quickly.

and now ive got this big car payment and no real way to figure out a second side hustle.

i always have wanted to make a magazine

or write a real book

or sell a screenplay.

but all of that takes time and what i love about uber is if you have a good week,

you get paid for it that Wednesday. right in your bank account.

life is very weird. today i hit the road at noon

got zero rides by three.

here it is 6:15p and im gonna go out there again for a couple hours.

lets see if some incredible magic happens.